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Writing and Design for Mobile

When you're designing a mobile site you must pare down your information to the essentials. Jacob Nielsen has a good post today on this topic, Defer Secondary Content When Writing for Mobile Users.

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Design for Tablets: Big Phones or Small Desktops or Something Else Entirely? image

Design for Tablets: Big Phones or Small Desktops or Something Else Entirely?

Some sites that have amobile-optimized version with automatic device-type detection willdeliver the mobile version of the site to iPads and other tablets. Usually,this delivers a poor result. Tablets are better thought of as beinglike desktop browsers with some modest differences, rather than as beingin the same class with mobile phones.

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Mobile Web: Responsive Design or Separate Pages? image

Mobile Web: Responsive Design or Separate Pages?

In investigating our customer's needs and looking at a variety of design approaches, we've found that responsive design is the answer for some situations, but that a separate set of pages is more appropriate in many cases.

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Luke Wroblewski on Mobile Web Design image

Luke Wroblewski on Mobile Web Design

At An Event Apart in Seattle this week, we spent a few minutes with Luke Wroblewski to dicuss how designers can tackle the challenge of designing for the mobile web.

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Apple's iPad: The Third Big Platform?

Having spent a week now with an iPad, I'm convinced that it will be the foundation for the next major computing platform, joining Windows and the Mac. Unfortunately, Apple's foolish attempts to restrict innovation in development tools seems likely to be a serious handicap.

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HTML5 vs. Flash: A Complex Political Battle

A few days ago, I wrote about what the iPad means for web design. One of the most controversial issues is the effect Apple's spurning of Flash will have on the future of that technology. This subject has been written about widely; much of the commentary is along the lines of "good riddance to Flash" and "HTML5 can do everything Flash can do", and is emotional and ill-informed.

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What Does the iPad Mean for Web Design?

Browsers have always been the primary driver of the technologies and techniques that are available to web designers. In recent years, mobile browsers have entered the fray, adding not only new, tiny screen sizes but also new sets of technology constraints. The iPad adds a new twist to the complex and evolving set of targets that web designers need to aim for.

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