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The Ten-Layer Cake of Web Site Creation

In the course of working with a variety of web designers, developers, and clients, it’s become apparent that one reason there is a lot of confusion around web design is that this term is used to refer to a wide range of complex topics. Clients are often confused about what kinds of skills they need for various aspects of building a web site. And all too often, they end up with poor quality work because the people building the site are working well beyond their area of expertise.

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Behind the Curtain: Growing the Webvanta Platform

For those of you interested in the programmer perspective of Webvanta, I’ll be contributing entries on our blog that discuss the technology and engineering side of the Company. The technical path of Webvanta has been an interesting journey over the last year. Our original Ruby on Rails technology was written to support a single web site. During 2008, we morphed the application through “extreme rearchitecture and refactoring” to what we have today at Webvanta: a multi-tenant, database centric, dynamic CMS system suitable for a broad array of web sites created by Web Designers or others who want to skip heavy duty back-end programming.

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New Asset Manager, Menu System, and Control Panel Debut

Last night we deployed several new features that are the beginning of what we’re thinking of as our Beta 2 release, which will be rolled out in its entirety by the end of January. Highlights include zip upload, automatic image resampling to create multiple sizes, and a new menu system.

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Welcome to the Webvanta Team Blog

Welcome to the Webvanta team blog! In this blog, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes view of what’s going on at Webvanta, and we’ll talk about our perspectives on the world of web design, web development, and web hosting. hree of us will be posting here regularly: Michael Slater, CEO; Christopher Haupt, CTO; and Dave Marsden, VP Marketing.

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