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How Wide Should Your Design Be? image

How Wide Should Your Design Be?

One of themost fundamental differences between designing for the web and designingfor print is that there is little predicability in how your web designwill be viewed. In print, youat least have control over what size paper your design is printed on.On the web, the same site may be viewed on a mobile phone, a netbook, aniPad, or a 30-inch monitor. That means you don't have any idea how bigthings are going to be, or where the edges are.

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Setting Up Photoshop Files for the Web image

Setting Up Photoshop Files for the Web

When youdesign a web site in Photoshop, there's a disconnect between the toolyou are using and the medium you are designing for. Although it hasevolved somewhat, Photoshop was created for non-interactive design, andfor a publishing medium that mapped quite directly from Photoshop screento printed page. When you'redesigning for the web, there's big differences.

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Webvanta, Radiant, Ruby on Rails, and Open Source image

Webvanta, Radiant, Ruby on Rails, and Open Source

As we've noted in previous posts, we're fans of the hosted CMS approach. Thereare times, however, when you need a self-hosted system whose code youcan modify—especially if you need to add your own server-sidelogic.

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Should You Use a Hosted CMS?

If you'relike most web designers, you may use a hosted service, such asWordPress.com, when you need a quick, simple blog. But when you arebuilding business sites and need full design control, you either build astatic site or use a self-hosted CMS, such a downloaded copy ofWordPress that you manage. And if you have the budget for a largeimplementation effort, you may use Drupal, Joomla!, or ExpressionEngine.

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Annoucing the Design Partner Program

Fresh off the heals of launching Webvanta 2.0 we are very excited to announce the launch of the Designer Partner Program, a new way for designers to leverage the power of the webvanta platform as an intergral component of thier business.  The Designer Partner Program (DPP) is for people that build sites for clients and gives our Designer Partners a broad array of perks and benifits to build better sites faster and make more profit.  A few of the best features are outlined below

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Building Great Sites:
Better, Faster, More Profit

Building Great Sites: Better, Faster, More Profit - Webinar, hosted by Webvanta co-founder and CEO Michael Slater, will provide an informative overview on leveraging Webvanta.

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Hasan Luongo Joins Webvanta as Director of Marketing

I'm pleased to announce that Hasan Luongo has joined Webvanta as Director of Marketing. With the imminent launch of Webvanta 2.0, we're going to be significantly increasing our marketing efforts, and Hasan will be leading this charge.

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Webvanta at SXSW image

Webvanta at SXSW

We had a great time at South by Southwest, showing Webvanta to hundreds of web designers and other folks involved with the web. This was a sneak preview of our 2.0 user interface, and the reactions were super-positive.

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New Pricing for Small Sites: Just $15/month

We've just added a new entry-level price point for Webvanta: $15/month, or $149/year. Designers using Webvanta have told us that, while the mainstream $29 and $49 packages are fine for larger or more complex sites, they'd like to be able to use Webvanta for all their customers.

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On our way to South by Southwest

In a few hours, we'll be on an airplane for Austin, headed to SXSW for our first big trade show! I'm really excited about showing off Webvanta 2.0 for the first time and being able to talk with lots of designers.

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