Webvanta Cloud CMS: Delivering Easily Maintained Content-Rich Sites

The ease of a hosted CMS with the power of database-driven content

We built the Webvanta Cloud CMS to deliver beautiful, functional, powerful websites that require minimal maintenance and are easy for anyone to update.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

When you're faced with choosing a content management system (CMS), you must choose between software that you install and maintain yourself (typically an open-source package, such as WordPress), and a software-as-a-service or "cloud" CMS.

Most cloud-based CMS solutions limit your design flexibility and don't support custom, database-driven content structures. As a result, these solutions don't scale well to larger, more sophisticated sites.

Bringing the Ease of Software-as-a-Service to Sophisticated Websites

The Webvanta Cloud CMS combines the simplicity of a fully managed, cloud-based content management system with the power to create sophisticated, database-driven sites.

We eliminate all the hassles of keeping your CMS software updated, making sure the files and database are backed up, and dealing with the inevitable server issues.

With our Cloud CMS, you focus on your content, and we take care of everything else.

The Webvanta Cloud CMS features include:

  • Fully responsive, using the Bootstrap 3 framework
  • Optimized for full-custom designs, with complete control over front-end code
  • Simple to create any database structure, including relationships
  • Forms for managing database content created automatically
  • Simple markup language for inserting database content into your pages
  • Automatic creation of multiple image sizes
  • Easily customized blog system as part of any site

And it doesn't stop there. The system provides many advanced features, such as:

  • E-commerce integration with FoxyCart
  • Mailing list integration with MailChimp
  • Member-only private pages, member profiles
  • Interactive maps and search-by-distance (e.g., store locator)
  • Automatic generation of PDF files from HTML/CSS
  • Integrated site search

This is just a brief summary of the system's major capabilities. See Webvanta Cloud CMS Features for the details.

Fully Supported So You're Never Left Stranded

In addition to providing the industry's most powerful Cloud CMS, Webvanta offers unsurpassed support and professional services to ensure your success.

You never have to depend on the kindness of strangers in support forums; our expert, responsive support gives you the help you need when you don't remember how to change something or can't get something to work.

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