Free eBook: 5 Tips for Better Sites

5 Tips for Better Sites

This free ebook distills what we have learned from working with dozens of designers about how you can:

  • Create sites that are more effective
  • Realize your creative vision
  • Not get bogged down in technology details
  • Have more fun
  • Have happier clients
  • Make more money

5 Tips for Better Sites

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Learn How To...

1. Draw the line between design and implementation

It takes a wide range of skills to build a leading-edge web site. If you want to focus on design and content, you need to have a clear plan for where to draw the line between design and implementation, and how the sites are going to be implemented.

2. Think in terms of information architecture

It is tempting to think of a web site as a collection of pages, each with an assortment of content placed on it. That is, after all, how things work in the physical world. If the site you are building is more than a few pages, though, you’ll be able to create much better results with less effort if when you think in terms of the data patterns that underlie the site’s content.

3. Pick the best CMS for your needs

All but the very simplest of sites should be built in a content management system. A CMS makes adding content, and keeping it updated, much easier. To choose the best one for you, you need to understand the pros and cons of hosted vs. self-hosted, and open-source vs. commercial soltuions.

4. Know What jQuery Can Do for You

Interactivity is what brings the web to life. Most interactions on the web are powered by JavaScript, a powerful programming language that nearly all browsers support. The jQuery library makes common JavaScript web page interactions simple. Even if you are contracting your programming work to others, you’ll be most effective as a designer if you understand what's easily implemented with jQuery.

5. Drive traffic with SEO and social media

Most web site owners want their sites to be found – they’re investing in their sites to attract an audience, whether they be customers, fans, or converts. To do so, you need to integrate the site with social media, and pay attention to SEO.