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Webvanta Cloud CMS

Webvanta's Cloud CMS is a powerful, flexible content management system. Unlike most other systems of comparable capability, the Webvanta Cloud CMS is a managed, hosted solution, so you never need to deal with servers, backups, or software updates.

We've designed the system to give tremendous flexibility to designers and developers who want full control over each site's appearance and functions.

At the same time, the form-based content editing capabilities make it easy for anyone to maintain the website's content, using only a browser.

Cloud CMS Technology

We built the Webvanta Cloud CMS using the Ruby on Rails web application framework and the Ruby programming language.

The system hosts about 400 sites currently, some of which have tens of thousands of pages.

We've picked the best open-source software, added our proprietary application layer, and operate it on a redundant, high-end set of servers.

The Right Tool for the Job

We firmly believe, based on six years of experience and hundreds of sites, that the Webvanta Cloud CMS is an outstanding tool for building sites that fall in its sweet spot.

So what is that sweet spot? Any site with a substantial amount of content, and which needs to be updated regularly.

For content-rich, frequently-updated sites, our Cloud CMS makes life easier for the developer and for the content editors.

We can also provide WordPress sites when a simpler, template-based site is called for.

For ecommerce, depending on the needs of a particular business, we can build a custom store using the Cloud CMS with FoxyCart (or other carts).

Depending on your needs, however, we may recommend using a store-focused platform such as Shopify or BigCommerce. If you'd like, we can set it up for you.

The Technical Bits

Our servers use the Linux operating system, several nginx HTTP servers, HAProxy load balancer, multiple Passenger application servers, memcached in-memory cache, and clustered MySQL database servers.

WebvantaScript, the markup language that Webvanta sites use to retrieve information from the database, were derived from a syntax and parser called Radius tag language, which is part of the Radiant CMS created by John Long. We've also borrowed from Radiant's approach to page construction, using templates, content regions, and snippets.

Site search is implemented with the Thinking Sphinx client for the Sphinx full-text search engine.

Our visual editor is based on FCKeditor. The code editor is based on CodeMirror.

We use Git and Github for version control.

We monitor server performance using New Relic, and make sure it all keeps running with Monit as well as EngineYard's "weather" app for internal monitoring, which in turn watches Nagios instances.

Site24x7 makes sure our phones ring the moment anything goes wrong.

Our servers are managed by Engine Yard.

Offsite backups are made daily to Amazon S3.

Icon Credits

We use a variety of icons from the Crystal Project and a few from the Bright! icon set by Min Tran.

On the admin side of Webvanta, we use some of the Silk icons from Mark James of FamFamFam.