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Welcome to the Webvanta Team Blog

Welcome to the Webvanta team blog!

In this blog, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes view of what’s going on at Webvanta, and we’ll talk about our perspectives on the world of web design, web development, and web hosting.

Three of us will be posting here regularly:

  • Michael Slater, CEO
  • Christopher Haupt, CTO
  • Dave Marsden, VP Marketing

You can read more about us on the about page.

Advance of the Webvanta platform

A little more than a year ago, Christopher Haupt and I started working together on BuildingWebApps.com, an information portal site. That work led to the idea for a hosted platform for building such sites, to enable people to build content-rich, community-oriented sites without programming. After a lot of evolution, the result is the Webvanta platform.

Last November, we released the first beta version of the Webvanta service. Webvanta has grown from a platform for quickly building information portals into a next-generation content management system, with a powerful database and supremely flexible styling, that is capable of creating a wide range of web sites. The second beta version is well underway, and we’ll be launching new capabilities every month.

We’re also hard at work on our expanding collection of “help” articles, which you can browse at www.webvanta.com/help to learn more about how Webvanta works and what it can do for you.

Within a few days, we’ll begin rolling out the Beta 2 features, and we’ll give you a head’s up here.

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