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New Webvanta features: pages, menus, and blogs

We’ve just deployed an updated version of the Webvanta system with several important new features. Some highlights:

  • You can now manage your page hierarchy and your menus from a single page (the Page Index). Drag and drop pages from the main list into the menu list to add them to the menu, and drag and drop within the lists to rearrange. You can add the same page to multiple menus, if you want, and you can create links to external URLs that appear as menu items.
  • The standard CSS that is installed with a new site now provides a drop-down menu, so if you set up a two-level menu hierarchy in the Page Index, you’ll automatically get drop-down menus listing the sub-pages of each main page.
  • An integrated blog system is now included. This is automatically installed in all new sites; contact us if you’d like to add it to an existing site.
  • We streamlined the control panel menus to make things easier to find. You’ll now find everything related to setting up your design in the Design menu, and everything related to adding content in the Content menu. Pages gets its own button on the menu bar, since you’re likely to use it a lot.

In addition, there’s lots of smaller refinements and bug fixes.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be switching over to a new rich text editor for articles and blog posts, which creates much better code, and we’ll be making it available throughout the application.

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