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Dropping IE6 Support for Admin Stuff

For now, we have dropped support for Internet Explorer 6 for site admins. We have some pretty complex JS stuff to make all the in-place editing and so forth work, and IE6 has (surprise!) been especially troublesome. So, at least for the moment, IE6 is not supported for in-place editing. Going forward, unless we hear loud cries of anguish from customers, we’ll be dropping IE6 support for all admin functions. Most things are likely to still work, but we’re going to stop testing in IE6, and stop spending untold hours tracking down IE6-specific issues.

The sites that you build with Webvanta can support whatever browsers you want, of course, for site visitors; this is up to your code. We will continue to test and support our template site for IE6.

With new browsers becoming important, such as Google Chrome, Firefox 3.5, and Safari 4, as well as the release of Internet Explorer 8, we think it is time to put eight-year-old IE6 to bed. The testing matrix is getting awfully large, and IE6 is persistently the most troublesome browser. To be sure, there are corporate users who don’t have the option to upgrade, but they aren’t represented in our customer base at this point.

There is an interesting sort of vicious circle regarding IE6. As long as everyone treats it as something they need to support, there’s less incentive for the stick-in-the-mud corporate IT types to upgrade to, say, the three-year-old IE7. And as long as companies don’t upgrade, then web designers feel the need to support IE6. It’s a real drain on web innovation.

Let us know if you think we need to revisit IE6 support.

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