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New Features: Code Editor and Rich Text Editor

Tonight we made an exciting upgrade to Webvanta’s editing capabilities. There’s now two editor modes:

  • Rich Text Editor, with a Word-like wysiwyg interface and styling you can control
  • Code Editor, with syntax highlighting and tab indenting

Both editors have undo/redo.

We could go on and on about them, but it would be far more tedious than using the new editors. You’ll find them all over the place: in in-place edit windows, database forms, page admin, snippets, and JavaScript, CSS, and XML editing.

The editor opens in code edit view on admin pages. When used in-place on your site, it opens in wysiwyg mode as long as there is no WebvantaScript in the content being edited. You can switch modes manually once the editor is open.

You can read all about how to use both editors, and to configure the editor styles, in our online help

Please check out the new editor, and let us know what you think!

This is a large body of complex JavaScript code, so browser-specific issues are possible. Please let us know if you have any problems with it. You’ll have the least chance of encountering problems if you use a recent browser, such as Firefox 3.x, Safari 4, or IE 8.

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