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New Feature: Custom Forms

We just added a much-requested feature: you can now easily create forms with any fields you want, and have the information submitted through those forms added to your database. The person who filled in the form gets a confirmation email, and the site admin gets a notice that there’s a new submission ready to be moderated.

After approving and optionally editing the data, the site admin can make it part of the site’s public information. So you have a direct, but moderated, connection between your users and your database.

For some time, we’ve had the capability for site admins to enter data for custom database items, with automatically generated forms, but you haven’t been able to take input from site visitors (other than through the contact form and comments). There are countless applications for this capability, from membership applications to directory submissions.

As with all Webvanta features, the form process is infinitely customizable. You can customize the design of the form by editing the HTML and CSS, and you can customize the contents of the confirmation and notification emails. JavaScript form validation is all set up, so all you have to do is add some classes to the input fields to specify the field types and required fields, and you’ll have client-side validation to improve the experience for your site’s users.

For details on how to use this feature, see the new User’s Gude article:

Creating Forms for User Submissions


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