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Improvements to our blog system, photo gallery, related content, and more

During the past two weeks, we’ve deployed a variety of enhancements and bug fixes. Here’s a summary of the highlights:

  • The blog system has been enhanced to include categories and a list of recent posts. There’s an updated support article Using the Blog that explains it all. We’ve also upgraded the starter site to include separate RSS feeds for the blog and for other database content. If you want to upgrade an existing site, you can find all the new code in the cookbook, or let us know if you’d like us to upgrade existing pages for you.
  • The photo gallery now shows captions below the pictures, if any have been entered. As with the blog updates, you can find the updated code in the cookbook.
  • We’ve improved the way the Styles pop-up menu in the rich text editor is customized, and updated the support article on this topic, Customizing the Rich Text Editor, to cover it in detail.
  • You can now filter out the current item from a list, which is helpful for generating a ‘related items’ list. There’s a brand new support article, Displaying Related Content, that goes into detail on various ways to display related content.
  • We fixed a number of minor bugs. One fix of note: you can now delete a page group in one action (previously, attempting to do so displayed an error message, so you had to delete the pages one at a time).

We’ve also begun a series of advanced lessons in our Learning Webvanta series: check out Lesson 11: Customizing the Database.

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