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Enhancements to image management and more

Tonight we deployed a variety of enhancements to Webvanta. You’ll notice changes particularly in the areas of working with images and other uploaded files. Here’s a summary of the changes on the Images and Files admin page (Content > Images & Files):

  • Simply hovering over a file name will now cause its preview and metadata to be shown on the right.
  • You can now select multiple files. Selections are sticky, so click on each file you want to select, and click again to deselect. You can use this to delete or move multiple files at once. (There’s also a link at the top of the list to select all or none.)
  • You can now move files to another folder. Just select them and click Move File on the right. (Drag and drop is coming, but not here yet.) Note that you’ll need to update any references to the files in your HTML and CSS code when you move files, if you have explicit references. If you access images via tags or categories, then no updates are required.
  • When you upload a file that has the same name as an existing file, you’ll get a warning dialog, and if you click OK, the existing file will be overwritten. (In the past, the new file was ignored unless you checked the overwrite option.)
  • If you have a file in a folder, or especially in a nested folder, and you want to add a reference to that file in your code (such as in an img tag), there’s now a little widget you can click on in the preview area that will give you the full path. We even convert any spaces in the file or folder names to ‘%20’ so they will work properly in a src or href attribute.

We’ve also provided a new image selection widget on the pages for database items, for both the icon image and any related assets (if you’ve created a custom item type that uses related assets). New features include:

  • You can upload an image right from the database item page. So if, for example, you have an icon image associated with an article, you can upload it from the article page, instead of having to go to Images & Files and then back to the article page to select it.
  • You can choose images by browsing the file hierarchy, rather than having one long list of all files.
  • You can see a preview of the image you’ve selected.

Another area in which we’ve made improvements is in the cache clearing logic. We now automatically clear all server-side caches when you upload a file, modify a config setting, or modify the menu items. You should now never have to manually clear the server-side cache. We’ve also made the cache clearing logic more selective, if you want it to be; for each database item type, you can specify which pages should be cleared when you modify items of that type.

Finally, we’ve added the ability to delete fieldset items in custom item types. If you’ve not created custom items types with fieldsets, then this probably means nothing to you, but if you have, the data is now easier to maintain.

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