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A Change in Our Terms: Webvanta Now Free for 30 Days

Today we made a change in our pricing and terms.

In the past, Webvanta was free as long as your site was in development. Starting today, Webvanta is free for 30 days, whether your site is in development or is completed. After that, the monthly fee begins if you want to keep the account.

We’re making this change for three reasons. First, the previous approach left us with accounts that weren’t in active development, but took up valuable server space. Second, the cost of providing the over-the-top support for which we’ve become known was not sustainable for sites that could spend many months in development, and therefore produced no revenue — some of which may never be completed. And third, this change will allow many designers to get their clients moving forward with their sites.

If you signed up before today, you expected the account to be free as long as your site was in development, and we will make good on that promise. Just send us a message and tell us about the site and when you expect to complete it, and we’ll extend your free account for any reasonable development period.

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