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An Assortment of Little Fixes

Last night we deployed a variety of small enhancements, including:

  • When you accept a moderated comment, the associated page caches are automatically cleared so the comment appears right away.
  • If you try to delete more than 50 files at a time on the Images & Files page, we ask you to pick fewer files. This is a short-term workaround for a timeout issue we’re experiencing with mass deletions, and it also helps prevent users from making big mistakes.
  • Comment formatting has been modified. To preserve the layout of comments, we now transform line breaks into <br /> tags.
  • In some cases, the JavaScript code that we load to support in-place editing was conflicting with user code. Some sites had JS that worked when logged in, but not when logged out. We think we now have our JS fully isolated.

The forward march continues! As always, please let us know if you run into any issues.

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