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Update: Images & Files Multiple Selection Improvements

This week’s updates include some behind-the-scenes bug fixes and one significant change in how the Images & Files screen works.

The previous version used "sticky" selections, in which you clicked once to select an item, and it stayed selected while you clicked additional items. Although this worked just fine once you realized what was going on, it confused a lot of people.

So we’ve updated the behavior so that clicking on an item deselects any previous selection unless you hold the shift key while clicking. So now you can use shift-click for multiple selection, which is probably how you expected it to work.

There’s one other feature that can be confusing at first but which we’ve retained because it is so useful. The preview area on the right reflects the image whose filename you are hovering over, not the image that is selected. This makes the preview useful when finding images to add to the selection.

Thanks to all the users who gave us feedback on these features. Keep it coming!

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