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New Pricing for Small Sites: Just $15/month

We’ve just added a new entry-level price point for Webvanta: $15/month, or $149/year.

Designers using Webvanta have told us that, while the mainstream $29 and $49 packages are fine for larger or more complex sites, they’d like to be able to use Webvanta for all their customers, and for small sites there’s often considerable price sensitivity.

So we’ve added this entry-level price to make Webvanta a great deal for even the smallest sites. See our pricing page for details.

While some web hosts offer packages below $10/month, we believe Webvanta offers a superior value. Think of it as a licensing and support fee for our content management and database software — and the hosting comes along for free. And don’t forget that you also get daily offsite backups, software updates, and site monitoring as part of the deal.

In this entry-level ‘starter’ plan, we allow only one custom database item type. This plan is intended primarily for sites that don’t make much use of the database, but we wanted to provide a taste of what the database can do, even for simpler sites.

All sites, including the starter plan, can use our standard item types, including blog posts, articles, links, books, and events. This makes the Webvanta starter package a great solution for building a fully customizable blog, as well as for a wide range of small personal and business sites.

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