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Analytics Now Built In to Webvanta Web CMS

Analytics Now Built In to Webvanta Web CMS Image

Most of the designers who build sites with the Webvanta web content management system use Google Analytics. It’s simple to add, it’s free, and it’s pretty darn good.

It does have some drawbacks, however:

  • You need to do a little setup at Google, and then enter the account ID on your Webvanta site.
  • It is not real-time. Google doesn’t say exactly when it gets updated, or how frequently, but it is clearly hours behind real-time.
  • Because it is not real-time, there are some things it can’t tell you, like who is currently viewing your site.
  • The data is very rich, and there is a lot of capability, but it can be overwhelming when you just want some simple stats.

Webvanta now includes built-in analytics for all paid sites. Within a day of when your site goes public, you’ll see a new tab show up in your control panel, labeled, curiously enough, Analytics. And that’s what you’ll find there. No setup required.

chart of current site visitors

It will even tell you who is visiting your site, right now, and how they go there. Of course, we don’t know who they really are, but you can see their IP address, and where they are (approximately, since IP mapping is inexact), and if they’ve been to your site before. You can also see a list of the 100 most recent visitors.

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