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Online jQuery Conference

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In the past few years, jQuery has rapidly risen to become the predominant JavaScript library used by web designers. We use it on all our sites, and it is built into the starter site that you get when you create a Webvanta account.

If you’re already using jQuery and want to develop your expertise further, here’s an interesting opportunity. On July 12, Carsonified is hosting an online jQuery conference, with four one-hour presentations and time for Q&A with the speakers. You can also watch the videos afterwards.

The topics and speakers are:

  • jQuery UI Widget Factory, Ray Bango
  • Testing Your Mobile Web Apps, John Resig
  • Taking jQuery Effects to the Next Level, Karl Swedberg
  • jQuery Pluginization, Ben Alman

Note that this is not an introductory seminar on learning jQuery; you should already be a jQuery user to benefit from this conference.

To sign up, register here; cost is $150.

P.S. We’re putting together a list of introductory jQuery resources for a future post. If you have any recommendations, please post a comment here.

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