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Webvanta's Design Partner Program Expanding


Since launching our Design Partner Program in the spring, we’ve been steadily bringing new partners on board and adding customization options. (If you’re not familiar with the program, check out the Design Partner page.)We’ve recently launched additional customization options for private-label design partners.

The new features include:

  • You can use your own master domain name, so when you create new sites they will be at customer-name.your-site.com during development.
  • You can customize the favicon that appears when your clients access their control panel, so it too can match your branding.
  • You can replace the Live Chat link in the toolbar with a link to your site or email.
  • You can customize the dashboard contents on a per-site basis, so you can use it to provide specific instructions for each site.

We’ve detailed how to set all this up in a new support article, Setting Up Private Label Options.

Many of our design partners are telling us that they want to spend their time on design and content, and they’re thrilled to be able to hand the coding tasks over to us. So we’ve also ramped up our custom site-building services. In some cases, designers like to do all the HTML and CSS and have us do the database setup and JavaScript programming; in others, they want to hand us PSD files and have us build the whole thing.

If you’re interested in making your design business more profitable and more fun, we can help. Drop us a line and we’ll arrange a web-based consultation and demo.

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