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Building a Marketing Resource Site

Foley Family Wines is a collection of 34 wine brands. As the company has grown, the sheer amount of marketing collateral became hard to manage, and getting the right materials to the right people had was very challenging.

Mia Morelli, marketing manager at Foley, commented, ‘Fielding one-off requests all the time became a very big time sink.’

Designing the Site

Working with designer Ginny Laughlin of Athena Design Group, Webvanta built a custom site that provides easy access to thousands of pieces of marketing collateral for the salespeople, distributors, and retailers of all these brands.

Mia and others at Foley had used other marketing asset management systems before, and they knew what features they wanted. Mia noted, ‘Webvanta was able to take all our input and create something that worked better than anything we’d used before.’

The site is intended for the company’s distribution and sales channel, not the general public, but much of it is open to public view at www.ffwsales.com.

Custom Browsing Interface

The site has custom navigation (see left side of screenshot above) that makes it easy to choose the brand, type of image, vintage, and varietal. The JavaScript code interacts with the back-end database to disable options for which there is no content, guiding users to productive choices.

Easy Content Uploading

Mia and the Foley team have uploaded almost 4,000 images and documents to the site. It’s simple for them to tag each file so it will appear in the right places, without any coding or technical knowledge. Mia commented, ‘I add content almost every day, and I’ve found the back-end to be intuitive and easy to work with.‘

Because the Webvanta system allows the site builder to specify any taxonomies to be used as metadata associated with uploaded files, it required no back-end customization to present a highly customized file-upload dialog, including the metadata panel shown below.

’http://www.webvanta.com/archives/blog/ffw-file-upload.jpg’ class=‘blog-screenshot img-responsive’ />

Tagging Images and Documents

This tagging system allows each file to be categorized in multiple ways.

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