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The North SF Bay Gets Its First Web Design Conference

The North SF Bay Gets Its First Web Design Conference Image

For 20 years now, I’ve lived an hour north of San Francisco, in beautiful Sonoma County. This is a wonderful place to live, with lots of benefits—but having local design and technology conferences is, alas, not one of them.

After two decades of going to San Francisco and beyond for conferences, and getting to know dozens of great web designers and developers who are in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties, I decided to put together a local conference. (Creating conferences is something that comes naturally to me, having produced the Microprocessor Forum and other semiconductor conferences for 12 years in an earlier phase of my career.)

I’m thrilled to announce the program for the first North Bay Web Design Conference, which will be held April 12, 2011 in Rohnert Park, CA. If you’re involved in web design in any way and live north of the Golden Gate Bridge, I hope you’ll join us.

Thanks to a great, low-cost facility (the Sonoma Mountain Village Event Center) and sponsorships from Webvanta, O’Reilly Media, the Art Institute of California, AcademyX, Engine Yard, and the Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster, we’ve been able to keep the price very low: just $99 for the day, including breakfast and lunch.

Check out the agenda at the conference site, and sign up today if you’d like to attend. We have room for only 80 people, and we expect it to sell out quickly (after just 24 hours, 25% of the seats are already taken).

Note: although Webvanta is the premiere sponsor of the conference and is contributing all the labor and direct costs to put it together, this is not a Webvanta-specific event; it is for anyone interested in building great websites.

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