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Creating Dynamic Sites Without Getting Buried in Technology

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Many experienced designers grew up with print and want to focus on their creative skills, rather than on web technologies. At the same time, clients expect increasingly complex sites that require multiple layers of technology to design and deliver.

The good news is that you don’t need to deal with all the technical details of the web to design great websites. However, you do need to embrace the conceptual language of the web, learning what each technology does and what it is capable of, so you can create modern designs and work effectively with an implementation partner.

On May 5, I’m giving a talk for the AIGA’s San Francisco chapter, on how to create dynamic sites without betting buried in technology.

In this talk, I’ll give a quick tour of what graphic designers need to know about web technologies, including the opportunities presented by HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, database-driven design, and the mobile web. I’ll also show how to document your designs so they can be efficiently built in a way that fulfills your creative vision.

More information on the AIGA SF talk

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