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DesignCast a Big Hit! You Can Watch the Recording

DesignCast a Big Hit! You Can Watch the Recording Image

Yesterday, we presented a DesignCast for HOW Magazine about how designers can create great sites without getting buried in technology.

Apparently we struck a cord, because we set an all-time attendance record for one of HOW’s webinars, blowing out the GoToWebinar system when it hit 1,000 attendees.

In this webinar, I presented a strategy for how designers can remain focused on design while delivering leading-edge web sites. The keys are to:

  • Learn enough of the key web technologies that you know what’s possible, and so you can edit what’s been created.
  • Adapt your design tools so you can specify the site design well.
  • Find a reliable implementation partner who can build your designs.

To all those who say ‘real web designers must code their own sites,’ we say B.S.

Does an architect need to be a contractor to design great houses? Of course not. They just need to understand the materials and the principles.

We’ve worked with dozens of designers to create hundreds of sites. Design and coding are very different skill sets. There’s no need for great designers to feel they need to become great coders to deliver great sites.

In fact, it’s likely to hold them back, because it will distract them from what they’re good at, and they aren’t likely to ever be as good at coding as the people they could hire to do that for them. They’ll leave out interactive features because they don’t know how to code them, and aren’t likely to take advantage of leading-edge techniques.

The recording of the 60-minute webinar is now available for free, along with the slides:

If this approach resonates with you and you’d like to understand more about how we can help you boost your design business, request a free consultation.

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