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Web Site, Mobile Site, and iPad App Create Potent Sales Tool

Web Site, Mobile Site, and iPad App Create Potent Sales Tool Image

It’s been a long time since we’ve blogged about all the great new sites being built on the Webvanta platform. We’ll be writing up a number of them in the coming weeks, and also updating our example sites page.

There’s one site we’re particularly excited about, not just because of the site itself, but because of the accompanying iPad app and mobile site.

MI Windows and Doors provides energy-efficient door and window systems. The new site, built by Webvanta’s services team working with MIWD’s designer and marketing strategist, Patrick Schutte, showcases the products and provides text, video, and images for homeowners and professionals.

In addition to the desktop site, we built a mobile site that uses a different set of page templates but draws from the same database of content.

We also created an iPad application that encapsulates the content from the site. Each member of MIWD’s sales force has been equipped with an iPad with this application.

On the web site, the videos are delivered via embedded YouTube players. But on the iPad, the company wanted the videos to be available off-line. So we created an iPad app that uses an HTML5 video player to show locally-stored video files. The PDF spec sheets are also stored on the iPad.

This combination of desktop web, mobile web, and iPhone/iPad apps makes a remarkably potent tool for any marketer.

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