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An Elegant Jewelry Site Using Webvanta and Foxycart

An Elegant Jewelry Site Using Webvanta and Foxycart Image

We recently launched a site for Palo-Alto-based jewelry store, De Novo Fine Contemporary Jewelry that uses a highly customized Foxycart implementation to meet the owners’ design requirements.

The site makes good use of Webvanta’s database and front-end design flexibility to provide an interface that closely matches the company’s previous site, which was a static design that made updates challenging and did not include ecommerce capability. You can browse or search the one-of-a-kind jewelry by artist, featured items, type of jewelry, or material. The implementation is also carefully optimized for SEO.

The Foxycart setup was challenging, in that the design had specific requirements for how things are laid out on the cart, checkout, and receipt pages. One limiting aspect of Foxycart’s approach is that you have essentially no direct control over the core HTML for these pages. You can, however, provide your own CSS and JavaScript. In addition to completely replacing Foxycart’s standard CSS, this site uses JavaScript to modify the Foxycart-generated HTML to achieve the desired layout and to inject additional content into these pages.

Because all of the items are one-of-a-kind, the site changes the ‘Buy’ button to a ‘Sold’ tag when an item is purchased. We developed some custom back-end code to process Foxycart’s XML datafeed so this change is only made when the purchase is successfully completed.

Caution: visits to this site can be expensive if you have a taste for beautiful modern jewelry.

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