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Creating Multiple Mini-sites in One Account

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We’ve recently added a new capability to the Webvanta platform, which we call mini-sites.

With a normal Webvanta site, we can associate any number of domain names with a single site, but all the domain names will show the same home page. Typically, you would want to redirect all of these domain names to one domain name to optimize your SEO.

Sometimes, however, you may want to associate a domain name with a subset of a site. For example, suppose you have a restaurant franchise, and you want to provide each franchisee with a a few pages on your site to describe their location. You want them all to be part of one site, so you can manage them all in one place, they all can pull from one database for any DB-driven content, and any changes to stylesheets or templates can apply to all of them.

You could simply use URLs like www.myfranchisename.com/franchise-location, but you may want each of the franchises to have its own domain. This has advantages for SEO, as well as for giving each franchisee a little more of its own identity and a nicer URL.

With our multisite feature, you can now do this. Simply create a regular page as the home page of each mini-site, with as many sub-pages as you want to have be a part of that site.

Then open a helpdesk ticket (at helpdesk.webvanta.com) and specify the domain name that you want to associate with that mini-site. We’ll do a little magic configuration on our end, and your mini-site will be live at its own domain. The cost, in addition to the fee for the main site, is $12 per mini-site per month, or $120 per mini-site per year, with volume discounts available if you need more than 20 mini-sites.

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