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Thai Taste Goes Online with Webvanta

Thai Taste Goes Online with Webvanta Image

Santa Rosa’s Thai Taste restaurant recently launched a new website, built on the Webvanta Restaurant System. With a desktop site, mobile site, online ordering, and Facebook integration, the system is already bringing new business to the restaurant.

We’ve developed a system that enables any restaurant to stand out on the web, bringing in new customers, increasing return visits from past customers, and generating new business with online ordering and gift certificates. The sites are easy for restaurant staff to update themselves, so they can keep their menus and events up-to-date without depending on anyone else to make changes.

Restaurant websites are infamous for being ineffective, either because they were built by the chef’s cousin and haven’t been updated since he graduated from high school, or because the site tries to deliver an ‘experience’ and fails to provide what web searchers are looking for: photos, menus, hours, and directions.

Some restaurants have effectively given up on their websites and are focusing entirely on Facebook. While having a great Facebook presence is important, it’s a mistake to depend on Facebook for your entire web presence. We give restaurants a web presence that is under their control, that integrates with their Facebook page, and that gives them better search-engine results.

We’re delivering sites using template-based designs at very low cost with the full capabilities of the most elaborate sites. We can also work with designers for those restaurants who want a full-custom design, ‘skinning’ the system to look however they want.

Restaurant owners need to deal not only with the desktop and mobile web, but also with local search optimization, Facebook integration, Yelp profiles, online reservations from OpenTable and elsewhere, and email marketing. We’re putting together a comprehensive solution that covers all of these needs, giving restaurateurs a one-stop solution for their Internet needs.

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