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Deal-of-the-Day Site Leverages Webvanta Platform to Slash Startup Cost

Deal-of-the-Day Site Leverages Webvanta Platform to Slash Startup Cost Image

In the beginning, the Webvanta platform was focused entirely on content-rich, database-driven websites. It remains, we believe, the best SaaS platform available for such sites.

In addition to its unmatched database capabilities, the Webvanta system is unique among hosted CMS offerings in our ability to provide back-end customizations that enable the system to approach the flexibility of a custom web application.

We recently worked with designer and project manager Tyler Wantulok to build a deal-of-the-day site, EponME, initially serving the Bozeman, Montana area. The project was backed by investors Zachary Bernheim, Mark Delorme, and Eathan Golf.

The EponME site is built on the same multi-tenant platform as other Webvanta sites, using our membership and database features to manage users and deals.

In addition, we built custom back-end logic to handle closing out of deals at the end of the day. We set up a custom integration with Foxycart, including single sign-on, for the ecommerce aspects, and we built an API interface to MailChimp, automatically synchronizing the email database with Webvanta’s user database.

By leveraging three existing hosted systems—Webvanta, Foxycart, and MailChimp—Tyler was able to deliver his clients a very effective, custom deal-of-the-day site for a fraction of what a custom web app would have cost.

At the conclusion of the project, Tyler wrote (unsolicited):

“I want to thank you and your team for all they did on this project. We definitely had some speed bumps in first couple of days of the launch but you were truly the best help a designer/project manager could ask for. This was a pretty big leap of faith to go with a company that I didn’t know a ton about and do a project of this caliber. I was very pleased with the way it went and really enjoyed the process of solving the problems from a design and code standpoint for EponME.”

To which I can only say, “Thanks!”. This is what we strive for.

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