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Online Courses for Web Designers Launched

Online Courses for Web Designers Launched Image

During the past few years, we’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of designers deliver great websites.

Along the way, we’ve seen first-hand how many designers struggle with the essentials of web technology.

In response, we’ve put together three online courses that give designers what we’ve found to be the essential background for building modern websites:

All of these courses are aimed at designers with some web experience, but who aren’t entirely comfortable with the technical aspects of website design. Our goal is to help designers move from insecure to confident when it comes to HTML, CSS, jQuery, and mobile design.

Each class runs for four weeks, one hour per week, and costs $99. We’ll conclude each session with an exercise to do before the next week, and we’ll answer questions via email.

The classes start March 1, so sign up now to reserve your place.

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