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Please Join Us At Webvanta's Magical Open House Party!

Please Join Us At Webvanta

To Our Bay Area Friends:
Come Party!

Do you love sushi, magic, Webvanta, raffles, afternoondrinks, websites and that new office smell?

Of course you do! So please join us atWebvanta’s Magical Open House Party in majesticdowntown Sebastopol.

But wait! Don’t hop in your electric car yet.First, you’ll needour new address:

241 South Main Street, Sebastopol
Map and Directions

We’re right next to the West County Museum,across the street from thepost office.

Also, you’ll need to know when the fun starts:

Thursday, April 18, 4 pm to 6 pm

Building great websites may seem like magic, but youknow what’s reallymagical? The Real-life Magicthroughout our openhouse, starring localmagicians Ken Garr and Gregory Slater.

But wait, there’s more! We have tickets to aconcert at the fantastic Green Music Center to give away.Just drop your card in ourraffle bowl for a chance at a pair of ’em.

So bring your kids, or just the kid in you, and beready for a mysterious and,quite possibly, hilarious good time.

If you can set aside the time to get offline… thenmake a bee line to sipsome wine, talk development and design, and have agood ’ol fashion funtime at Webvanta’s Magical OpenHouse Party!

We hope to see you there!

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