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Improving Site Content: A 5-Minute Example

Improving Site Content: A 5-Minute Example Image

One of the keys to making your web site content more effective is understanding the job that each page on the site does.

Does a page need help users find information easily? Does it need to persuade them? Does it need to allow them to place an order or download information easily?

These are just some of the jobs that pages on a site can do. If they fail to do them effectively, the result is user frustration, bounces, and problems.

By giving your site this kind of scrutiny, you can make your users happier, your support lines quieter, and your business owners happier and more profitable.

5-Minute Speed Content Audit

To see this approach in action, take a look at this 5-minute "speed content audit" of a few pages from a complex, large site:


And if this leaves you hungry for more, watch our 1-hour webinar, Learn Goal-Oriented Website Content Design.

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