Designers Can Now Avoid Coding When Creating Websites - Go Direct from PSD to a Live Site

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Sebastopol, CA — May 7, 2010 — Webvanta (, a hosted (SaaS) CMS for Web Designers, today launched PSD-to-Site, a new service that eliminates the pain of coding from web site design. With PSD-to-Site, designers submit PSD files and receive a live, easily edited site in less than one week.

Unlike other PSD-to-CSS or PSD-to-XHTML conversion offerings, which deliver only coded web pages, Webvanta's PSD-to-Site delivers a site completely set up in a content management system and live on the web. Setting up hosting, installing a third-party content management system, and loading the files onto a server are a few of the cumbersome and technically challenging steps that designers avoid by using PSD-to-Site.

Many talented designers don't want to spend their time on the technical steps required to create dynamic sites. Great design sense remains essential to creating great sites, and it is arguably one of the hardest skills to develop. With PSD-to-Site, designers no longer need to become technical experts. Instead, they have a great partner that can quickly and inexpensively convert their visual designs into interactive sites and take care of the hosting, server maintenance, security, and other cumbersome back-end requirements.

Because every site is powered by Webvanta's, customers get a website based on their custom design that is easy to update and optimize for search. Features like an integrated blog, photo galleries, RSS feeds, contact forms, and custom databases can be provided as part of the conversion.

To use PSD-to-Site, designers simply upload their custom Photoshop files to Webvanta. The files are converted to standards-compliant HTML and CSS page templates in Webvanta's content management system. The designer can then quickly and easily build as many pages as they need from these templates, and whenever they are ready, with a single click the site is live on the web.

The designer or site owner can fully manage the site within the browser, adding pages and content within their custom template without ever touching a line of code.

The PSD-to-Site service was launched yesterday at the San Francisco Photoshop Users Group meetup at Abobe's San Francisco Offices. Webvanta's co-founders, CTO Christopher Haupt and CEO Michael Slater, met years ago while working at Adobe. Among other roles, Haupt was formerly an engineering manager on the Photoshop team; Slater joined Adobe as Director of Technology Strategy when it acquired Fotiva, a venture-funded photo software startup he cofounded.

“One of our core goals at Webvanta is to remove the pain from the process of building and maintaining great sites, without handcuffing users with technical restrictions and limitations,” commented CEO Michael Slater. “The self-service hosted CMS we launched last year enables designers who work in HTML and CSS to create database-driven sites without back-end programming. PSD-to-Site makes the Webvanta system available to all designers who can create site mock-ups in Photoshop, even if they have no coding skills.”

The PSD-to-Site service costs as little as $349, with hosting starting at $15/month, making it one of the most cost-effective ways available to deliver a live custom site.

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