SmartThemes for Creating Your Webvanta Site

When you create a Webvanta site, you can choose from any of our SmartThemes.

SmartThemes provide the initial setup for your site, including CSS and JavaScript frameworks, templates, database structures, and so forth. Some have a bare minimum of styling, to serve as a base for your design, while others are complete designs.

Bootstrap 3.0

Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 is a responsive mobile-first css and javascript framework with a lot of available features.

This theme is a great starting point for a responsive site. Refer to the Bootstrap Documentation to add on a wide variety of features including collapsible regions (accordions), modal widows (similar to lightboxes), tooltips, tabs, and more.

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A great place to start if you want lots of features all set up but plan to provide all your own styling.

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Blank Site

This is the moron of SmartThemes. It gives you absolutely nothing. Except, of course, a blank slate on which to build your 100% custom Webvanta-powered site.

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