SmartTheme: Basic

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A great place to start if you want lots of features all set up but plan to provide all your own styling.


The Basic SmartTheme (which is NOT responsive) is intended to provide a set of templates, pages, snippets and CSS which define a very basic framework from which you can build your site. It also provides some basic built-in functionality like a Blog, Calendar and Photo Gallery. This version of the Basic SmartTheme includes:

  • Minimal styling and a very basic div structure makes it easy to add your own content right away.
  • Horizontal navigation with drop-down menus. Mouse over the Single Column button above for a drop-down demonstration.
  • Single, Two, and Three Column templates to get you started.
  • A sample page for each of the templates.
  • The Blueprint CSS framework has been included.
  • Integrated blog is included.
  • Event calendar is included.
  • Photo Gallery is included.


Where is everything?

  • Basic styling is in Structure > CSS Files: style.css. We expect you with overwrite this with your own style sheet.
  • The light green background can be found under Content > Images & Files in the Images directory. You can replace this with your own background image. We expect you will replace the entire Images directory with your own.
  • The gray backgrounds are defined in Structure > CSS Files: style.css and are only intended to highlight the different regions of the page.
  • The styles for the main navigation is in Structure > CSS Files: dropdown.css.
  • The styles for the blog pages are in Structure > CSS Files: recipes.css.
  • The styles for the calendar is in Structure > CSS Files: calendar.css.
  • The styles for the photo gallery are in Structure > CSS Files: photo-gallery.css.

Styling Approach

Includes almost no styling beyond what is built in to the CSS framework. Intended for designers who will provide their own CSS.

Features Included

  • Blog
  • Calendar
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact Form