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The American Manufacturing Website Initiative

The American Manufacturing Website Initiative

The technology gurus in Silicon Valley know a thing or two about building successful manufacturing websites. They’ve built the best in the world. But most manufacturers could never afford to tap into that unfair advantage. Until now.

Two leading Silicon Valley engineers are on a mission to grow the sector by modernizing the websites of American manufacturers, one site at a time.

The Ultimate Product Catalog

The foundation of a great manufacturer website is the product catalog. Customers can’t specify your products if they can’t find complete product information online.

An architect at BUILD said it well:

“It just doesn’t matter how great a product looks, if we can’t find its technical information online, it will never get specified at BUILD.”

This is a hurdle to growth that we can leap by bringing Silicon Valley technology to the manufacturing sector. There’s much more. Contact us today to find out how to build a successful website.

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