eCommerce sites with Webvanta

Combining Webvanta with a hosted shopping cart system.

Webvanta + Hosted Shopping Cart

Webvanta is focused on creating great, content-rich sites, with complete design and database flexibility.

The Webvanta database makes a fantastic system for organizing a catalog of products and presenting it exactly how you want. Unlike simple store-builder systems, you have complete control over everything: the fields in the database, related database items such as companies, category pages, item pages, and so forth.

When it comes to completing the transaction, you can integrate any third-party shopping cart that is available in a hosted version. (We don't run any shopping-cart software on our servers.)

Using Webvanta with FoxyCart

The most popular hosted shopping cart for use with the Webvanta Cloud CMS has been FoxyCart. It fits perfectly into our approach because it doesn't store your product catalog—the product database is kept in your Webvanta site, and product information is passed to FoxyCart when the user clicks an Add to Cart button. FoxyCart also allows the cart and checkout pages to be styled to match the rest of your site, so it appears fully integrated.

If you're a developer, see Setting Up eCommerce with FoxyCart for details on how it works and what you need to do to set it up.

Some examples of FoxyCart/Webvanta sites:

Other Options

Any other hosted shopping cart that integrates through HTML and JavaScript can be used with Webvanta. UltraCart is one that we've had good results with.

Many sites use PayPal for simple payment processing, which also provides some shopping-cart features. PayPal is simple to setup and has no monthly base fees, but they do not give you control over the checkout experience—the user is clearly on the PayPal site when they complete the transaction.