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The Evolution of our Blog Features

This morning we deployed some deceptively small changes to Webvanta that lay the groundwork for some significant enhancements to our blog system.

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A Unique Ecommerce Site: www.simplyslater.com

Today we launched the first full-featured ecommerce site on Webvanta: SimplySlater. It's a boutique furniture store that initially sells only classic butterfly chairs.

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File Uploading and Image Management Revamped

We've just deployed a big batch of improvements to Webvanta. The majority of the changes relate to uploading of images and other files.

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Webvanta 1.0: What's It Mean?

Last week, Webvanta reached an important milestone: we took off the Beta label and declared it "1.0". We're very excited to have crossed this milestone. What does it mean to no longer be in beta?

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Presentation 9/23 in San Rafael: Programming-Free Dynamic Web Sites

I'm going to be giving at talk at Softech in San Rafael next week, about the benefits of database-driven sites and how Webvanta makes them much easier to build.

We believe that many web sites that are using static designs today would provide a better user experience, have better SEO, and be easier to maintain if they were database-driven. In the past, the cost and complexity of building sites in this way discouraged most designers from considering it. Now that's changed.

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Webvanta has turned 1.0!

It's been an exciting week, with the official launch of Webvanta on Tuesday. We've had a great response, and we look forward to working with all of our new customers. And I'd especially like to thank all of the early believers who have been working with us during our beta period.

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New Feature: Comment Pre-Moderation

Webvanta includes comment spam filtering, via the Akismet service, which does a remarkably good job of keeping spam comments from appearing. We also have another trick in place that stops most of the robots.

But not all undesirable comments are spam: there's also trolls and abusive comments.

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Why You're Safer With a Hosted Service

Robert Scoble recently blogged about how he no longer feels safe with WordPress, after hackers broke into his site, deleted archives for which he had no backups, and added a lot of spam content. This is a painful situation that I wouldn't wish on anyone. And it is all too common.

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New Feature: Icon Images Associated with Articles and DB Items

Often, it's very helpful to a visual design to have an image associated with each item. Until now, you've had to explicitly link these "icon" images into articles and database items, as part of the HTML code, rather than being able to handle them in the template. Now, you can associate an image with an article or any other DB item by selecting that image in the "icon picker" in the admin form.

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New Webvanta site with some remarkable historical photography

We've just launched a new Webvanta site that showcases a remarkable collection of historical photography by Alfred T. Palmer. Check it out at www.alfredtpalmer.com.

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