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New Site Highlights Spectacular Friesian and Warmblood Horses

New Site Highlights Spectacular Friesian and Warmblood Horses Image

We’re excited to take live a beautiful site we’ve been working on for several months, for Iron Spring Farm in the hills of Pennsylvania. Check out the amazing Friesian stallions and Warmblood stallions that the farm owns.

Before diving into this project, we had no idea how complex a horse farm site could be. While maintaining simple and intuitive navigation, there’s information on thousands of horses, with more than 100 pieces of stored information for each, plus unlimited photos and videos.

Iron Spring Farm logo

We worked closely with Iron Spring Farm’s marketing consultant, Beckie LaSalle of Energize.info, to craft an information architecture that supports the idiosyncratic nature of the high-end dressage horse world. The result is a new site that presents a lot of information in an attractive format, all driven from a database that is easy for the farm’s staff to update.

Horse owners who register with the site can submit horses for sale. Webvanta’s membership system enables each horse owner to maintain their own horse listings, once approved by the site’s moderators.

It’s been a real pleasure to work on a site that is full of such incredible animals.

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