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No Heartbleed Here: Webvanta Servers Unaffected

No Heartbleed Here: Webvanta Servers Unaffected Image

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the so-called "Heartbleed" bug in OpenSSL, the software that the marjority of the Internet uses to encrypt communications.

We are pleased (and relieved!) to report that the Webvanta servers do not use the affected versions of OpenSSL, so the security of our system has not been compromised by this bug.

We would, however like to join the chorus of voices recommending that you change your passwords on all your accounts, just to be safe. It is unknown whether anyone actually exploited the vulnerability, but it is potentially a very serious security hole for sites that were affected. Periodically changing your passwords, and using different passwords on different sites, can significantly improve your online security.

If a site has not said that they have patched their software, or confirmed that they were not affected, you may want to wait until they do so before changing your password (or, even better, change it now and then change it again after they confirm that they are not using the affected software).

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