Full Range of Design, Development, and Support Services

Development Services

Service Description Cost Range

Complete Design & Build

Complete Design & Build

We can provide complete visual design as well as site construction.
$5,000 and up (smaller sites)
$10,000 to $25,000 (typical larger sites)
$25,000 to $100,000 (custom solutions)

E-commerce Sites

E-commerce Sites

We build custom e-commerce sites with beautiful product presentations that support rich content marketing as well.
$7,500 and up

Sites Built to Your Design

Sites Built to Your Design

If you have a design or a designer you want to work with, we can build your site to your exact specifications.
$3,500 and up

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We build mobile apps using the cross-platform PhoneGap and Titanium frameworks.
$5,000 and up (simple apps)

$10,000 and up (full-featured apps)

Consultation & Custom Development

Consultation & Custom Development

We provide complete strategy, information architecture, and site-building services.
Graphic and interaction design: $105/hour

Front-end development: $150/hour

Strategy, information architecture,
and back-end development: $200/hour
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Per-Site Hosting and Support Prices

The prices below show the recurring fees for a Webvanta site, once it has been built.

Note: If you build sites for others, you may qualify for wholesale pricing as a member of our partner program.

If you are a Webvanta partner, you can access wholesale pricing info. (Send us a message if you need the password.)





Price $100/month
or $1000/year
or $1500/year
or $2500/year
Premium Hosting*
Number of Users & Pages Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SEO-Optimized Blog
Custom Content Types Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Forms Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Responsive Design
Password-Protected Pages
Member Profiles, Access Control  
eCommerce Integration with FoxyCart  
Dynamic PDF Generation    
JavaScript API for DB Access    
Integrate with MailChimp & Mandrill    
Custom Back-End Services    
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Additional Services

SSL: $400 setup and $250/year

Note that, because of our multitenant infrastructure, we must use special SSL certificates, so you do not need to purchase a certificate and we are unable to use any certificate you may own. The certificate cost is included in the above pricing.

Minisites: $20/month or $200/year per minisite

A minisite is an add-on to another site. It is a page or set of pages within a site that is assigned its own domain name, separate from the site of which is is a part. From a visitor's perspective, a minisite is a separate site. From an admin perspective, it is just a set of pages. You can have up to 50 minisites as part of one site. Note that all minisites share the same control panel, users, and so forth.